About Fried Color

Gary Householder, founder of Fried Color, got his start as an apprentice sign painter in 1990 with Hinson Signs in Arkansas. After 10 years, Gary and his family moved to the warmer weather of Fort Walton Beach, FL, where he worked with Doug Moreland at Impact Graphics.

After Doug sold Impact in 2005, Gary created Fried Color. Several years later, Doug got back into the graphics business with Moreland Graphics. Doug and Gary (“D & G”) worked together closely for about a year through Fried Color and Moreland Graphics. They worked so well together, they formed D & G Graphics in 2014. Sadly, Doug passed away in 2017.

Gary reopened Fried Color in early 2018, and applies his 30+ years of creative experience and well-honed skills to car wraps, truck wraps, and fleet signage (vehicle wraps).

Gary Householder from Fried Color